BetaList Changelog

New features, ideas, and previews

🔍 Search BetaList with DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo users can now search BetaList directly with the with !betalist shortcut. Enter the shortcut followed by your query and you'll be taken straight to the BetaList search results.


📸 We redesigned your profile page

We completely redesigned our profiles pages. Your profile page will show every published startup you're involved in, all the startups you're following and the comments and feedback you left on other startups.

You can customise your profile by uploading a photo for the left sidebar. Just click the little icon at the bottom left and upload a photo or if you're on mobile you can take a photo right then and there with your camera. Animated GIFs are also supported!

Visit your own profile here (requires an account) or check out mine for an example.


💬 Introducing 'Community Feedback'

One of the main benefits of having your startup featured on BetaList is the feedback you receive from the community. Everyday we hear from founders positively surprised by the amount and quality of feedback they receive from the community. The only problem? It's all happening behind the closed doors.

You see, while we do bring together startups and early adopters we don't facilitate any further interaction. Today we're starting to change that. Founders and early adopters can now interact directly on the startup posts. If your startup is featured you can ask the community for specific feedback or just have them share what comes to find. As an early adopter you can provide your input and know that the founders will see it. (We send them an email with your remarks.)

We hope this addition will inspire even more people to share their perspective and give credit to those who do.


Some examples:

We're rolling out this functionality early and we'll likely make improvements along the way. In the mean time, if you have any feedback for us please reach out on Twitter or email. (We'll add a post for BetaList at some point too so you can leave your feedback there ;)

🚀 Image galleries & imgix

One of the most important elements of our startup posts are the screenshots. They give you a visual overview of what to expect from the startup. Today we're completely revamping the technology behind this. I'll save the nitty gritty details for another time, but the changes we made also allow for multiple images per startup. This way startups can really show off the product. Here's a great example:

Push for Prota

Try it out yourself.

We're now also using imgix to process our images on-the-fly. Yes, that's right. Everything happens real-time. We don't need to generate separate thumbnails anymore for every image, but simply change a few URL parameters and imgix takes care of the rest. This should speed up development time as well since we can now experiment with different designs much quicker without needing to re-generate 100,000+ images every time. (multiple version for 30,000+ entries adds up quick!)

Improvements to the submission flow

One common problem we run into is founders providing us with a one-sentence pitch that includes their startup name. This is unnecessary however since wherever we use the pitch we already include the name in some other way. Rather than just telling people not to include the name in the pitch, we now show some more context to how the pitch will be used. It combines the contextuality of a wysiwyg editor with the efficiency of a form.

Dynamic label

Moving Day!

We're making some changes to the way we store screenshots for the startups we feature. With over 30,000 startups in our database this can take a while. Here's what moving around 30,000 files on S3 looks like. 🤓

Moving 30,000+ files around

We started a public changelog ✌️

We'll be sharing product updates, sneak peeks of new features and more.

If you want to create a public changelog for your own product or company sign up for the beta of our upcoming changelog-as-a-service.